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Porsche 911 Servicing

Porsche 911 Service

We service all models of Porsche 911s. Our experienced technicians have an in-depth experience of all Porsches from air-cooled to modern cars. All of our fixed price servicing includes Porsche or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, approved lubricants, labour and sundries.

Porsche 911 minor service consists of oil, pollen filter replacement, engine oil replacement , Antifreeze coolant check and top up if required, further checking of tyres pressure wear & tear, air conditioning system and remove any debris from the radiator vents , coolant system, suspension, power steering, all lights, windscreen wash system, brake system, drive shafts, electrical systems, airbags, full diagnostic inspection .

Porsche 911 major service includes all of the minor servicing plus fuel system check, steering gear, poly rib belt, steering rack, clutch inspection, parking brake (adjustment if necessary) , exhaust system, suspension components, seat belts, gearbox, air filter replacement.

(Please see note some models may vary on the servicing dependant on components)

Contact the Performance Porsche team today to book your Porsche in for the next service. For models not listed below please give our team a call on 01484 721559 to discuss more details of our servicing plans for these cars.

Please follow the links below for prices on your Porsche service.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20% and are subject to change without notice

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