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Porsche engine rebuilds

Porsche engine rebuilds

Here at Performance Porsche we can rebuild , modify and repair your Porsche engine on any model. Our team of technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of engine building. Our Director Andy, can build engines in his sleep although I do not think his wife would approve!

We currently have 9 engines being built from a 3.0 litre Porsche RSR racecar , a custom Porsche 912e engine build (which consists of big bore, long stroke, fast road, high lift camshaft , modified cylinder heads consisting of gas flowed ports and reshaped combustion chambers, 5 angle valve seats and blended ports) to a very special BMW 2002 ( altering the geometry of the rotating assembly, utilising the stock crankshaft coupled with 144 mm  Con-rods (9 mm longer than stock) Also custom pistons to generate a more desirable rod ration increasing it 1:8. The bore size also increased by 3 mm to increase cubic capacity).

We also repair engine problems such as, scored cylinders (Bore Scoring), IMS, Timing chains, and cracked cylinders/liners.

Most of our engine builds are covered by a 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty – whichever comes first . (excludes engines used for race tracks and original parts not replaced – please ask for more details on our warranties)

Contact the team at Performance Porsche to talk through your individual engine requirements or concerns. Contact Us

A collection and delivery service may be available, or we may be able to offer you one of our courtesy – cars subject to availability. Please contact us for details.

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