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A little over 12 months ago Chris brought his striking 1986 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet to us to carry out some mild restoration work. The work turned into quite a major undertaking after stripping the car back to reveal the extent of corrosion the car was suffering from. The 965 bodykit had previously been fixing in place with expanding foam ! which was now acting as a sponge. Both inner and outer sills were replaced as well as ‘B’ posts, kidney bowls, floor sections and the front bulkhead. One of the most challenging aspects were the deep side sills. Fibreglass replica’s had been ordered but the fit was awful therefore we ending up making our own profiled and swaged sills in steel. The finished results are stunning and a massive credit to our metalwork ‘guru’ Martin. Polished Speedline alloys finish off the car just in time for Chris to enjoy the summer sunshine.

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