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Instant 10 Extra Horsepower For Only £199 +VAT

Here at Performance Porsche we supply and fit the RSS Lightweight Under drive Pulley. This upgrade improves HP & TQ by reducing drag from the power steering pump, A/C, water pump and alternator.

Our lightweight under driven crank pulley is designed for Porsche owners who are looking for an easy bolt-on 7-10 rear wheel horsepower. The pulley fits all Porsche 987.1 Boxster and Cayman cars. The idea of the under drive pulley is that it will reduce demand that the stock pulley puts on the power steering pump at high engine revs. Not only will this preserve the longevity of the pump, it will also improve performance, throttle response, and give the track racer a car to be confident in. Since the pulley is lighter then stock, the rotational weight reduces load on the engine slightly. 

This is an absolute must for any Boxster and Cayman owner looking for instant power gains!

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